Monday, 14 February 2011

Boucheron Tiara of the Queen Mother

The Boucheron Tiara
(Honeycomb tiara)
The Boucheron tiara was made for Hon. Mrs Greville from Boucheron in London on 8th January, 1921. It was made up from diamond stones which were taken from an old tiara.
Lady Greville bequethed her jewels and tiara to the Queen Mother. George VI was skeptical about receiving jewels from his subjects; as such the jewels and the tiara were in a box for a few years. The Queen Mother wore the tiara for the first time in 1947.
The original version, seen above, did not include the three diamond stones which top every other row.

HM Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mother nee Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon

Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother asked for the height of the tiara to be increased by adding a number of brilliant cut diamonds and a single marquise cut diamond in 1953.

Queen Mother, Elizabeth
The Late Queen Mother, Elizabeth
also wearing
Queen Alexandra's pearl necklace which she wore frequently.
Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall
The tiara is loaned to
Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall
for special occasions through
Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth.

In the above picture, Camilla is also wearing the Queen Mother's 5 row diamond Greville collar.

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