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Queen Mary's Diamond Loop tiara, Queen Victoria's Strawberry tiara, Olgivy tiara

Queen Mary's loop tiara
Queen Mary's Diamond Loop Tiara
The tiara was formed of oval loops with flowers and leaves. Total weight of the 675 diamonds is 102 3/4 carats.
Mary of Teck, Queen Mary

It was commissioned from Boucheron for Queen Mary while she was still Princess of Wales
in 1902.

Queen Mary of Teck
Queen Victoria Strawberry Tiara

The Strawberry Leaf Ruby Diamond Coronet

A diamond tiara of strawberry leaves that was once set with rubies, a favorite jewel of Queen Victoria. The Queen owned many tiaras, some of which are now altered, such as this item, which she had worn at Princess Louise wedding in 1871.
Since her husband Prince Albert’s death, the jewels and jewelry which he had arranged for her were talismanic for her.
Queen Victoria Strawberry Tiara
Along with the tiara there was a matching ruby and diamond necklace and brooch matching the coronet pattern tiara consisting of 14 lozenge-shaped clusters & 13 strawberry leaves with ruby and diamond band - part of a suite with necklace, brooch and earrings.

The suite was given to Queen Victora's daughter, Princess Beatrice, on her marriage 23 July 1885.
Princess Victoria Eugenie of Battenburg
Princess Beatrice then passed it on to her daughter, above, Princess Victoria Eugenie of Battenburg (Queen consort of Spain)
The Ogilvy Tiara
Princess Alexandra of Kent

Princess Alexandra, Lady Ogilvy

Princess Alexandra of Kent,
The Lady Ogilvy Windsor Tiara.
Daughter of
Princess Marina of Greece & Denmark, Duchess of Kent
Prince George, Duke of Kent.
Both the tiara and necklace has versatile stones that can be changed. Above, The Princess is wearing turquoise stones.
Below, The Princess switches the turquoise for pearls.

Princess Alexandra, Lady Ogilvy

Another variation includes replacing the stones with Sapphires.

No picture can be found of The Princess wearing it with sapphires, though.

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